It All Starts With the CORE  


Hi, I'm Cory Schidler, North Scottsdale's top Fitness Expert. I have developed an exercise program that will get you ripped abs, firm glutes and a strong back. My team of expert, certified personal trainers want to help you get a awesome Core and live an active lifestyle. 

The Benefits of a Strong Core:

  • An awesome looking mid section

  • Healthy and pain free back

  • Increased sports performance

  • Great posture

  • Better balance and stability

  • More enjoyment from daily activities 

​We offer Personal Fitness Training at your home or at my private studio gym located in North Scottsdale behind the General store (Pinnacle Peak and Pima).  We offer one-on-one personal training and small group training.

The Core Fitness Studio Features:

 I have two of the best trainers on hand to guide you to success. Chris Soiya and Alex Day were top scholars at Arizona State University in their respective degrees of Kinesiology and Exercise Science. Now they are my lead trainers at CORE and their client's results will testify to their high standard of excellence in training.

Why is your Core Fitness Important?....I believe your core is the most important part of being strong.  Sure, you can have big strong muscles, however if your core is weak, you will not be able to transfer the power throughout your body.  Your Core is collectively made up of your abdominal, gluteal, and lower back muscles. In order to have a strong Core, you need to have strong hips to produce power, strong abdominals for spine stabilization, and strong lower back muscles to transfer the power. In addition, your core needs to be functional. A functional core not only includes strong core muscles, it also needs to have flexible hips, flexible upper spine, and stable scapulae (shoulder blades).

Our first session together is all about uncovering your needs and evaluating your health history. We will assess your core strength, mobility, and total body muscular function with an 11 point assessment. In addition, we can evaluate your body composition to maximize fat loss. Together we will set balanced and achievable goals designed to have you look, feel, and perform better immediately!

  • Lose Body Fat Safely and Effectively.

  • Enjoy a lean, strong Core Fit body.

  • Feel better, Live better.

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