The most elusive and desirable fitness goal for most clients is losing fat. Staying healthy, and looking ripped isn’t a new trend, nor will it disappear anytime soon; looking strong and capable is a timeless ideal. So how do you get rid of the fat? Here are some work out and tips!


How Does It Work?

For some, losing weight and burning fat is hard to obtain, and even harder to maintain for long. It has been said that by the age of 40, men on average, gain a total of 5 pounds per year; that means by age 50 they are 50 pounds heavier! When an exercise program is designed to promote fat loss, and does so efficiently, the workout becomes even more appealing, especially for those who are short on time. To lose body fat, a person must burn more calories than he or she consumes on average, over time. From a mathematical standpoint, this is typically accomplished in one of three ways: (1) increase calorie burning through exercise, (2) decrease calorie intake through dietary modification, or (3) both. Thus, the more calories a person burns related to exercise, the more efficiently fat loss will occur, as long as eating patterns are in line with weight-loss goals.
The way we will optimize calorie burning in the gym is to design a workout that uses full-body movements with compound exercises at higher intensities. Unfortunately, our 1 hour in the gym will not fix your 23 hours out of the gym if you aren’t guided by your fitness goals once you walk out the door. It will require constant dedication and you can text us for advice 24/7. Fortunately, we know how to burn as many calories as possible in that 1 hour so that your body actually continues to burn calories even after a workout. This is a process researcher’s call excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). We will attain EPOC by designing a High Intensity Interval Training program with supersets and circuits. You will be huffin and puffin, so this is for a novice level exerciser.

Tip From the Trainer

"Fitness happens in the gym but losing weight is done in the kitchen." - Alex Day

Fat Burning Exercises

Complete 3 sets of 15 - 20 reps of each exercise.

1. Iron Cross


2. Walking Lunges-Overhead Press



3. Plank-Kettlebell Drag



4. Dumbbell Squat-Pushup-Row-Triceps Kickback










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