Motocross fitness isn’t something most riders think they need, but every top motocross rider has a trainer and coach. If you want to compete with the best racers, you will need personal training and coaching as well. We will work together so that you are fit enough to race at least 20 laps and strong enough to control your bike for all those laps.


There are 3 facets to your motocross training and sports performance training in general: Technique, Fitness, and Mentality.


Each one is equally important and necessary to have success. For years I taught correct technique and how to have a championship mentality. Now my main passion and focus is fitness. Why? Because better fitness will prepare you mentally to have more confidence, and ensure that you maintain correct technique for all laps of the race. So fitness can play into technique and mentality and thus is the single most beneficial facet that you can train. Having a better mental edge will not necessarily improve your fitness, nor will technique, but fitness alone can greatly improve both mentality and technique. It is a triangle relationship that needs to be balanced, and I guarantee by training with me, all three facets will improve your motocross skills.