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The Core Fitness AZ prides itself in building a team of the best personal trainers in the industry.  Cory Schidler takes the time to onboard and mentor each intern and employee to ensure a successful transition to the Core Fitness AZ team.  Cory works with interns and new hires so that they understand the Core Fitness AZ Method.  This Method allows our Fitness Coaches to work with a variety of clients.  Cory uses a "Crawl, Walk, Run" approach to training staff.  This will give them the experience to succeed and give our clients that best experience and results.  By shadowing our staff, interns will be able to develop confidence in applying the Core Fitness AZ Method.   

“Develop a win-win scenario with interns and staff so that clients have the best experience”...Cory Schidler, Owner Core Fitness AZ

Fitness Coach Interships

If you are someone that has a passion for health and fitness, has tons of energy, and is coachable, our Fitness Coach Intership could be a great match for you!


We are looking for Fitness Coach Interns for both In Person sessions and Online/Remote coaching.  You will have the opportunity to shadow our Fitness Coaches and personally learn the CORE Fitness AZ Method from Founder/Owner, Cory Schidler.  If you are chosen for the internship program, you will come away with the tools needed to not only work with clients one-one in person, you will be able to work with small groups and online/ remote clients as well.  Cory will give you the tools needed to build a successful and ongoing book of business.  To start the application process, fill out the form below and in the message section type "Interested in Fitness Coach Internship". 

Requirements for Fitness Coach Internship:

  • Have a Passion for health and fitness
  • Have a Ton of energy
  • Be Coachable and Happy
  • Be Committed To Obtaining An Accredited Personal Training Certification Within 90 Days Of Starting The Internship

CORE Fitness Brand Ambassador

When a health and fitness brand is inspired by CORE Fitness, you can expect results.  CORE Fitness AZ is all about empowering clients to take action and live their ideal life.  Like the workouts that you'll immediately fall in love with.  And the Fitness Challenges that are part of your membership.  These Challenges include Core Fitness Workouts that are easy to do from wherever you are.  Customized meal plans that have delicious recipes.  And accountability to ensure that you reach your goals.

This opportunity is for people that are desiring a better lifestyle and social influencers with a passion for health and fitness.

Influencers get a full membership at a 50% discount, discount codes to share, commissions on sales as well as an opportunity for sponsorship.

Full membership includes:

  • Online workouts that melt fat away
  • Delicious customized meal plans that are easy to prepare
  • Accountability to ensure that you get results.

At Core Fitness AZ.....we transform lives

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