Certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf Performance Instructors

Improve your golf game by increasing your fitness and ability to perform on and off the golf course. We offer specialized programs for golfers and golf athletes in order to drive the ball farther and more accurately. We will help you enhance your flexibility/mobility so you can comfortably swing in the proper plane. Our first class TPI Certified trainers will use the TPI assessment in order to determine the perfect workout to enhance your time on the course. Improve your mobility, strength and power to shave strokes with the TPI program.

At CORE Fitness we are dedicated to helping you look, feel, and perform better on and off the golf course.

If you want to play well, you need to have a strong Core. A strong Core includes strong hips to produce power, strong abdominals for spine stabilization, and strong lower back muscles to transfer the power. In addition, your Core needs to be functional. A functional Core not only includes strong Core muscles, it also needs to have flexible hips, flexible upper spine, and stable scapulae (shoulder blades).

In addition to a strong functional Core, your ankles, shoulders, neck, and wrists need to be mobile to swing the golf club in the correct plane.

The Core Fitness/Titliest Performance Institute program helps you swing on plane. Our first session together is all about uncovering your needs and evaluating your health history. We will assess your Core strength, mobility, stability, and total body muscular function with the Titleist Performance Institute Assessment. Together we will set balanced and achievable goals designed to have you look, feel and perform better immediately!

With over 500 exercises to meet your needs, we will design a custom golf fitness workout program that is an effective combination of full body attention with unique emphasis on your goals. Maybe you have one of the following swings faults: early extension, loss of posture, chicken winging, slide, sway, S posture, C posture, reverse spine angle, over the top, early release or scooping. We can identify and help you overcome these swing faults.

There are many ways to workout and achieve results. Depending on your needs, we can vary the location of the workout, frequency of sessions, and the length of the sessions. We can meet at your home, your community center, or at a gym. We can decide whether we should meet 3 times a month or 5 times per week, depending on your needs. Together we may decide that the 30 minute strength training is ideal or we may want to be more aggressive with 60 minute sessions. Your program is unique to you and your goals. At Core Fitness it is about you and finding a program to help you live an active life in style.

When you train with Core Fitness, your golfing buddies will be amazed at your improved swing and the distance off the tee box. You will be amazed at how much energy you will have for the whole round!

If you are ready to take the first step toward longer drives and crushing the competition, fill out the information below to sign up for your special Titleist Performance Institute Assessment and Customized Fitness Program.

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