Personal 1:1 Training

According to the American Council on Exercise  - 

"hiring a Personal Trainer is one of the best investments you'll make" 


Benefits of working with a CORE FITNESS Personal Trainer:  

  • Motivation - our fitness professionals will help you set goals, create a plan and celebrate your victories with you
  • Consistency - our trainers will hold you accountable, it is harder to skip the gym when you know someone is waiting for you
  • Clarity - fitness can be confusing, our trainers will help you navigate the options and provide direction for your fitness journey
  • Confidence -  you will learn to perform appropriate exercises correctly and will become confident to navigate any gym on your own
  • Avoid Injury - if you are new to exercise or have existing injuries, our trainers will ensure you are moving in a safe and effective way
  • Individual Attention - our trainers will tailor a program that fits your likes and fitness level so you are more likely to maintain the habit and see results
  • Training with Medical Conditions - we work with chronic conditions that requires additional precausions to ensure your safety and positive results
  • Aging Gracefully - our Core Fitness professionals will adjust your program as you age to allow you to maintain functionality and strength
  • FUN - exercise should be enjoyable and fun, our trainers strive to make the best of your time with us at Core Fitness 


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