Weight Loss

At CORE Fitness we are dedicated to helping you look and feel great in your favorite clothes!

At Core Fitness we take a logical and scientific approach to fat loss. No hype, no magical pills or potions, and no up-selling of expensive products. Our method for helping you lose body fat is about making small lifestyle changes that create life long results. We know that you have food preferences and a busy life. That is why your fat loss program is tailored to you.

The Core Fitness Fat Loss program helps you to make better lifestyle changes that will not interfere with you life. Our first session together is all about uncovering your needs and evaluating your health history. We will assess your percent body fat with a method that is tailored to your comfort level. However, keep in mind that our goal is to lose body fat, and that is exactly what we will accomplish. Together we will set balanced and achievable goals designed to have you looking, and feeling great immediately!

Our nutrition program is simple. We will identify the current nutritional behaviors in your lifestyle that are keeping you from your goals and replace them with behaviors that support your goals. And with over 500 exercises to meet your needs, we will design a custom fitness workout program that is an effective combination of full body attention with unique emphasis on your goals. Your customized fitness plan can be tailored for whatever exercise setting you choose, either in your home or at your favorite gym.

Your program is unique to you and your goals. At Core Fitness it is about you and finding a program to help you live an active life in style.

When you train with Core Fitness, your friends and family will be amazed at your body transformation!

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