After working out with Cory Schidler for six months, I have lost and kept off 25 lbs of fat while building muscle mass. The unique BOD POD has allowed me to keep track of my lean mass and fat loss without any guessing. I've also developed more muscle definition in six months than I've had in over a year with another trainer in the Valley. What makes Cory Different is that he listens to what I want to achieve, rather than putting me on "his" training plan. I can, without reservation, recommend Cory's service to anyone who wants to look and feel better while receiving the personal attention that Cory offers.

Don Nakano


I started working with Cory Schidler of Core Fitness in January 2006. After two months of an intense cardio and weights regiment coupled with a calorie-monitoring plan, I had lost 15 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle. The results Cory achieved with me were incredible to say the least. He was always very flexible in working around my busy schedule. Not only do Cory and the other trainers at Core Fitness achieve results, but also they gave me the tools and plans to continue my regiment on my own.



I highly recommend Core Fitness to anyone who is serious about making a body/lifestyle change. In 6 months of training with Cory and Core Fitness, I lost 26 pounds of fat and gained 4.4 pounds of muscle. Core Fitness provided the expert instruction and encouragement to reach my goals.



Cory has been working with me as my personal trainer for about six months. He's professional and reliable. He pushes me beyond what I would do and I'm seeing results. I have lost 18 pounds and 18 inches. In the past I would begin an exercise and diet routine but would give up after a month or so. It's been very beneficial to have Cory hold me accountable. I feel so much better and I have a lot more energy. I have five small grandchildren, a disabled husband and an ailing father to care for. Now is the time in my life I need to be in shape. I'm thankful for Cory's help.



I cannot thank Cory Enough for working with me. This program was extremely helpful and I now feel confident at the gym.



I am a 61 year old woman who has literally tried EVERY diet plan, exercise tape, dvd, etc. without any real success until I started working with Cory. He has me on a plan which has transformed my body from a frumpy older woman to one who has lost 14 pounds and on my way to more. Fourteen pounds to me is like 50 for anyone else I think....................I just have never been able to lose before and I have been trying for at least 20 years!!!!

Cory is a highly educated personal trainer who knows how to push you just enough to achieve the results that you want. You will enjoy working out with him !! You will get results!!

Cory is special and he just happens to be my favorite son -in-law( that lives in Scottsdale)...................if he can work with his mother- in- law and get great results then you know he is GOOD!!!



Integrity, Passion, Performance is what comes to mind when thinking of Core Fitness - a private fitness studio located Northeast of Scottsdale Rd and Pinnacle Peak.

After many unsuccessful gym memberships, yo yo dieting, inconsistent training and lack of motivation, I decided to cancel my gym membership and start exercising at home temporarily until I found something better. I remembered meeting a trainer years ago at the nearby Gelato store. Luckily enough, I had kept his business card and decided that this would be a good time to seek his advice, and stop any further procastination. After sending an email, I made an appointment with the owner Cory Schidler - hoping that maybe this could be the answer. I knew what I wanted - I just could not do it myself.

To make a long story short, I have never been as pleased with a fitness facility and with my trainer. There was never any sales pressure to begin with - just compassion, complete professionalism and last but not least - expert knowledge. I knew that If I wanted to succeed, I needed commitment - a program with a support system.

Three months into working out with Cory, I feel my body shifting from fat to muscle. I have steadily lost weight with the goal of reaching 180. Most importantly, I have never felt ignored or passed for another number. I always felt and feel to this day that the accomplishment of my fitness goals are the most important assets of this business.

If you are looking for a concise and precise approach to achieving your fitness goals, Core Fitness is your partner.



I have always had a good workout routine over the years. But I wanted something more. So I trained with Cory on and off for the last couple of years. Then, unfortunately I was diagnosed with cancer. However, I was strong from all of my years of working out and beat the cancer. And it took most of my strength to fight the cancer. So I returned to working with Cory to get my strength back. Now, 2 years later I am healthy and I can take it a step up to the next level. So that I am even stronger than before.

I spent many years working out on my own and learning from magazine articles. And I did well. However, working with Cory helped me understand how to emphasize each muscle group. I now understand much more about health and fitness and I get much more out of each workout. I highly recommend Cory to anyone who is just beginning or someone like myself who wants to stay in shape for life and push themselves to reach bigger goals. Thanks Cory.

Dan Schwegler